Navigating the Site

SpikeTrade offers three major menu areas to help you navigate around the site:

  1. Account Menu
  2. General Info Menu
  3. Members Main Menu

Each menu area is described in more detail below.

Account Menu

This area in the top right corner is for logging in and out of the site, and for accessing your account information. When not logged in, you will see a login form in this area.

General Info Menu

This navigation bar near the top of the page is available to non-members and members alike. This is where you can access the Traders' Shop, SpikeTrade contact information, and more.

Members Main Menu and Submenus

The four tabs, visible when logged in, help Members navigate to the key parts of the site that are for Members only. Each of the Members-only tabs has a submenu on the left side.

Spike Picks

This tab is for SpikeTrade's weekly trading competition. From the submenus on this tab, you can enter and manage your own picks in the competition, as well as monitor other Members' picks and past performance.

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Trader Education

This tab is for SpikeTrade's educational resources. Here you access strategic, tactical, and educational posts by Alex and Kerry: SpikeSpeak, NH-NL, A&K Journal, Q&A, and Comments. This tab also gives you access to our Video Vault - a large collection of trading videos by Alex, Kerry, and some of our Spikers (elite-level Members).

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Trade Journal

Good record-keeping is an essential skill of a successful trader, allowing you to learn from your wins and losses. From this tab you can access Trade Journal, created by Alex and Kerry first for their own use, then shared with SpikeTrade Members. Trade Journal makes it easy for you to keep detailed records of your trades and analyze them. The submenu also provides options for viewing journals shared by other members.

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SpikeTrade's blog, available on this tab, serves two functions. We use it to send various announcements and reminders to Members, for example, invitations to Password classes. Also, since our group includes many active and generous traders, we post their submissions in the blog when they want to share their knowledge or programming. The submenu on this tab allows you to filter blog articles by category.

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