Introduction to SpikeTrade

SpikeTrade is a website for serious traders at all levels - from professionals to beginners. Our founder, Dr Alexander Elder, is the author of The New Trading for a Living - the world’s most popular book for traders, translated into 17 languages. SpikeTrade is managed on a daily basis by Dr Elder and his friend and partner Kerry Lovvorn - also a professional trader and a teacher of traders.

Membership in SpikeTrade helps you learn to trade more successfully thanks to three main site areas: Spike Picks, Trader Education, and Trade Journal.

Spike Picks

SpikeTrade serves as a generator of trading ideas, through our ongoing friendly competition for the best trade of the week. You can see the reasons for the trades members enter in our competition and follow them in real-time, with emailed notices about any changes. Each trade provides a link to the trader who placed it, so you can reach out to them and ask questions.

SpikeTrade is the only website in the world that pays members for doing their homework. If you participate in our friendly weekly competition by submitting a tradeable pick, you earn a $3 Participation bonus. If your pick beats the third best pick by a Spiker (an elite-level SpikeTrade member) for the week, you earn an additional $17 Performance bonus. Bonuses accumulate and are discounted from your next membership renewal.

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Trader Education

SpikeTrade provides a top-notch trading education. Dr Elder and Mr Lovvorn (Alex and Kerry) analyze current markets in their daily and weekly posts as well as answer questions from Members. Most posts are followed by active and intelligent discussions. 

A highly popular educational feature is our monthly online class, called the Password course. Taught in turn by Alex and Kerry, each class focuses on a key trading topic, ranging from psychology to money management, from trading systems to entry and exit techniques. Members receive free access to current classes and can buy recordings of previous classes at discounts that start at 50%.

There is a wonderful community feeling in SpikeTrade, as Members discuss trading topics, ask and answer questions, share computer code, and generously support one another. Even in the midst of a trading competition, one Member may help another by pointing out that he forgot about a market-moving earnings date, a pending takeover, or some other danger or opportunity.

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Trade Journal

Our Trade Journal is a unique resource for planning and recording trades. Use it to analyze your performance and learn from your mistakes as well as victories. Good record-keeping is essential, and as Dr Elder says: "Show me a trader with good records, and I’ll show you a good trader." Every member can try using Trade Journal for free on up to 24 trades; beyond that there is a very small increase in the membership fee.

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