Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can SpikeTrade help me?

SpikeTrade is rich in trading information; we keep adding new features and enhancing the existing ones. Some of the key features include:
Looking for trade ideas among Spike picks saves you a huge amount of time. You need not scan thousands of stocks - our Spikers and Members do it for you.
You may select Spikers and Members with excellent track record whose style appeals to you and 'piggy-back' their trades. Remember, you are responsible for your own risk control and money management.
We give you a insight into the thinking and decision-making by a group of serious traders. Reading how members made their picks in Current Week's Picks provides you with a unique education.
Many Members report a significant improvement in performance after they begin submitting their own picks on a voluntary basis. Our friendly competition makes people more focused and better disciplined, and they become better traders.
We offer you our Trade Journal - a smooth and practical platform for planning trades and keeping good records.
You receive a unique and consistent perspective on trading from the posts by Alex and Kerry:
  • SpikeSpeak each Sunday
  • NH-NL Monday through Thursday
  • Members submit their best picks for the week ahead on weekends, manage them throughout the week
  • And many additional posts throughout the week

Q: What are the different levels of membership and their prices?

Four levels of membership can satisfy every need and ability:
  1. Members receive all current picks and their updates in real time. They receive our daily New High - New Low reports and comments as well as weekly SpikeSpeak commentary by Alex and Kerry. Members are welcome to submit weekly picks on a voluntary basis and win Participation and Performance bonuses, lowering their membership fees. Membership rate is $89 per month ($98 with unlimited Trade Journal, $29 for a 2-week Trial)
  2. A Spiker is a professional or a semi-professional trader who submits picks on a weekly basis, competing for prizes. Spikers can win diplomas and cash for their performance. When vacancies occur, we invite the best Members to move up to the Spiker group.

Q: Are any discounts or price reductions available?

Yes!  Because SpikeTrade is a community of serious traders, we learn and help each other in the spirit of friendly competition and that can significantly reduce your fees.  Each week members that submit a pick in our weekly contest earn a $3 Participation credit. For example, if you trade four picks prior to the due date for your next monthly bill, we will deduct $12 from your membership dues!  In addition, whenever your pick outperforms the Bronze Spike pick (third best elite-level Member) for that week, you earn an additional $17 credit.  By fully participating, some members regularly reduce their membership fees by 70% or more!

Q: How good has been the performance of Spike group?

The performance of the group has been positive in most quarters. This, in and of itself, is excellent in the market where the majority of people lose money. The performance of Spike completion winners is in a league of its own, double digit percentage gains quarter after quarter. The exact performance for every Spiker is posted in the competition pages.

Q: How do I find Alex' and Kerry's picks?

Each weekend Alex and Kerry choose their favorites among Spikers' submissions. Please go to SpikeSpeak post and scroll to the bottom of that page to see their picks. Alex and Kerry trade their picks with their own money. After closing their trades they post ‘How I Managed My Trade’ reports which you can see by clicking on the AK Journal link. A complete archive is at the bottom of that page.

Q: Can I contact Spikers or SpikeTrade members?

Our system allows Members to send private messages to any Spiker or Member who posted a pick. If that person replies to you, they can make your question and their answer either private or public.

Q: Can I choose not to receive updates via email?

The default setting is for SpikeTrade to send you an email whenever a Spiker or a SpikeTrade member submits or changes their pick and also whenever Alex and Kerry update SpikeTrade content. If you would rather not receive such emails and check the contents on your own, please do the following:
  • Click on My SpikeTrade Account
  • Scroll down to Email Notifications and uncheck either one or both boxes.
If you change your mind later, you can always check those boxes again.

Q: How can I cancel my membership?

  • Please go to and log in
  • Click on Manage My Account link in the upper right corner
  • In the menu on the left, under the headline Billing, click on Cancel My Membership - that's all!
You will receive an email confirmation. Your membership will not renew, but you will continue to enjoy access until your current term expires. Thank you for giving us a try, and we hope to see you return.

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