SpikeTrade Membership Levels

Membership Levels

SpikeTrade offers four different levels of membership:

Regular Membership includes complete access to all features of SpikeTrade except for a limit on Trade Journal access:

  • Receive nightly market reports from Alex and Kerry.
  • View dozens of specific trade plans in our weekly Spike Picks competition and receive updates.
  • Welcome to submit your own Spike Picks and earn bonuses.
  • Explore the Video Vault and receive free access to our live Password classes.
  • Regular Members can use the Trade Journal, but are limited to 24 trades.
All-Inclusive Membership includes access to all areas of the site:
  • Access to all the Regular Membership features listed above.
  • Plus unlimited use of the Trade Journal
Trial Membership is similar to a Regular membership, with only two limitations:
  • Trial members can view and follow Spike Picks competition picks but cannot submit their own and win bonuses.
  • Trial members can access all our Trader Education resources but are not invited to live Password classes; they can only view Password recordings published during their membership.
  • The Trial membership lasts for two weeks.

Trade Journal Membership includes access to Trade Journal:

  • Unlimited use of the Trade Journal.
  • Does not include access to any other features of the site, such as Spike Picks and Trader Education.

Total accountability & transparency are the key values of SpikeTrade. There are no wild promises - only a guarantee of a serious, focused and helpful community of traders. 

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