Managing Your Account

In SpikeTrade you are in control of your account. You’ll find the entrance to the control panel in the upper right corner of almost every page:

If you click the "Manage My Account" link, it will take you to your Profile Dashboard. That’s where you can manage your email preferences, billing, and type of membership.  You can view your invoices and access digital purchases, such as Password recordings.  You can create a public profile and view your equity curve from participating in our friendly weekly competition.

Updating Account Settings

Changing Your Email Address or Password

To change your email address (which serves as your user ID) or password, click the "Change Info" button next to your email and password information on the Profile page:

Simply enter your new email address and/or password and click "Save Changes" to update this information.

Note: passwords are limited to 10 characters (A-Z, 0-9 only).

Changing the Date Format

To change the format for dates displayed on the site, select the desired date format from the dropdown menu and click the "Change Format" button:

Three different date formats are available.

Managing Email Preferences

You can specify which email notifications you want to receive from SpikeTrade. We recommend staying signed up for the blog notifications because that’s how we send most announcements, which you don’t want to miss.

To update your email preferences, click the "Email Preferences" link on the left side of the Profile Dashboard (in the "Site Options" section). On the Email Preferences page, check or uncheck the boxes next to each type of notification, then click the "Update" button:

Creating a Public Profile

This is optional, but many Members choose to create a public profile to tell other members more about themselves. You can see a member's public profile (if they have created one) by clicking on the Member's name in the Spikers’ Picks or Members’ Picks sections. Only the first name and first initial of the Member's last name are displayed on public profiles.

In your own public profile, you can share the number of years you've been trading, the markets you trade, a short bio, favorite strategies and indicators, and even a photo.

To create your own public profile, click the "Create Public Profile" link on the left side of the Profile Dashboard (in the "Profile" section). Fill out the form with the information you'd like to share, then click the "Update" button at the bottom of the form:

Managing Membership and Purchases

Updating Billing Information

To update your credit card or other billing information, click the "Billing Information" link on the left side of the Profile Dashboard (in the "Billing" section). Fill out the form with your credit card and billing information, then click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the form:

Changing Membership Level

Your membership level can be changed from the main Profile page. The Membership Breakdown section shows your current membership level, renewal date, and costs. To change your membership level, choose a different level from the dropdown menu, enter a coupon code if you have one, and click the "Change Option" button:

Cancelling Membership

[Visual instruction for cancelling is here -

To cancel your membership, click on "Manage My Account in the upper right corner.  In th emend on left, under the headline "Billing" click on "Cancel Membership". Please specify your reason for cancelling, then click the "Proceed" button to cancel your membership. You will continue to have access to the site until the expiration date of your membership - however it will not renew.

Instead of cancelling your account outright, you also have an option to place your billing on hold. If you select this option, you'll be asked when you want your membership to restart. This option will stop your membership immediately, preserving the unused portion for future use.

Accessing Digital Purchases

Digital products (e-books, recordings, software) that you have purchased in the Traders' Shop or received as a bonus are available from the Profile Dashboard. Click on the "Digital Purchases" link on the left side of the Profile Dashboard (in the "Site Options" section) to access these products.

Viewing Invoices

To view invoices for past membership purchases/renewals, click the "Payment Invoices" link on the left side of the Profile Dashboard (in the "Billing" section).

Managing Your Data

Viewing Your Equity Curve

You can view your equity curve for SpikeTrade picks, showing the performance of your paper trades in the SpikeTrade system. All equity curves are kept private, except for the top five performing Spikers.

To view your own equity curve for the SpikeTrade competition, click on the "View Equity Curve" link on the left side of the Profile Dashboard (in the "Profile" section).

Exporting Your Data

You own your SpikeTrade data. You can export your Spike picks and Trade Journals in .csv format. Click the "Data Export" link on the left side of the Profile Dashboard (in the "Site Options" section), and select the type of data you'd like to download.

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